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pawanmuktasana method benefits and Caution

By On June 20, 2020

Pawan Muktasan

In Sanskrit "Pawan" means wind and "mukta" Means to release. Pawanmuktasan whole body
Balances the air in 

Method pawanmuktasan :-

pawanmuktasana method benefits and Caution
- Lie on your back. Knee slowly Pick it up together with your chest. Your heels
Put on the knee and hold the knees with the hands Take it.

- Keep breathing normally.

- Close your eyes or your knees Gaze beyond and back Leave the muscles relaxed.

- As long because it feels good Hold the pose. To come to normalcy 

-At the time of release, inhale and both feet Make it straight. Before the exercise must rest.

Benifit of pawanmuktasan

- This posture of the lower back Loosens muscles and body Gives comfort.

- This posture controls the air within the body is.

- It relieves constipation and indigestion.

- It reduces obesity and excessive abdominal fat Does.

- Keep it faraway from lung and heart diseases

- of individuals affected by acidity and gas formation For it's a corrective effect during a moment Hey

- This impotence, sterility and menstruation Useful within the treatment of problems.

Caution of pawanmuktasan :-

- Pregnant women shouldn't do that asana needed.

- Slip disc patient should avoid this asana needed.

benefits of headstand yoga

By On June 20, 2020

Sirshasan (Headstand)

Sirshasan (Headstand) Is Taken Into Account The Simplest Among The Yogasanas

Has Gone. This Posture Is Understood By Many Names Goes Like - Antagonist, Kapalasan  

And Vriksasana Is That The Name Of Sirshasan (Headstand) . This Posture

It Is A Really Famous And Beneficial Posture. 8.4 Million Yoga

As Many Together Who Can Cure Diseases In Lacquer Rugs

There Are Qualities, All Those Qualities Only Headstand

Occur Only In Therefore In Yogasastras Its

The Name Is Titled Sirshasan (Headstand). To The Present Posture

All Rugs Are Considered Important. This

Performing The Posture Correctly And Properly


But It Gets More Benefits And Wrong

It Also Can Cause Harm If Wiped Out The Way .


Sirsasana (Headstand) Benefits Method And Consultation

- Carrying The Bottom First For Sirshasan (Headstand)  Or Sit Down On The Mat. For Posture Placing A Thick Mattress Or Carpet Under Your Head Do The Sirshasan (Headstand)

- First Kneel Down For Posture Take A Seat. Now Your Fingers Snuggle And Palms Up Turn The Mattress To The Side.

- Palms With Palms On The Mattress The Elbow Keep It Now Slowly Bending Forward Balancing Sirshasan (Headstand) By Placing Headstand On The Palms Create.

- Now Bending From Knees With Both Legs Together Straightening The Calves Up Balancing Weight On Head Create. During This Case Only From Head To Waist Keep The Portion Of It Straight. Initially The Posture Should Be Do This For Several Days Within The Situation.

- Once You Get Success During This , Then Thighs Try To Straighten Slowly And Keep The Balance Of The Body On Sirshasan (Headstand) .


- Straighten The Thighs For Several  Days. And After Getting Success In It Again Keeping A Foot Distance Between Both Feet Straighten Both Legs Slowly.

- This Position Of The Posture For Several Days While Balancing The Whole Body On Sirshasan (Headstand) Keep It After This Posture, Both Legs The Whole Body Including Legs Together Keep The Balance Straight. To Seat Doing This In Many Parts Complete And Perform Sirshasan (Headstand) No Hurries.

- 15 To 20 Doing Start Stay Within The Posture For A Second And Slowly Slowly Increasing Its Time From 5 -20 Minutes Till Full Success During Sirshasan (Headstand) After This Posture Are Often Finished Hours Huh.  After Doing The Complete Posture Again, Slowly Bring The Body To The Bottom . After This, Get Up Straight Then The Entire Leave The Body Loose And Do Breath Work. This Blood Flow It Gets Straight Into The Entire Body.

Benifit of Sirshasan (Headstand)              

- By Doing Pranayama With This Posture There Is Full Advantage Of Headstand. Head Of special On Hearing And Exercise While Practicing Attention Should Be Paid. During This Action, Breathing And

Keep Quitting Normal.

- Keep The Mind Calm During The Posture, Of The Mind Perform This Asana By Removing Versatility And

Try To Keep Your Body Stable.

- Blood Within The Body Through The Practice Of Headstand The Flow Remains Regular And Therefore The Body All Organs Remain Functional. Of This Posture Exercise Increases Blood Flow To The Brain.

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- It Relieves Mental Stress And Cure Headache, Respiratory Illness (Asthma) Does. With This Posture, The Muscle Institute, Circulatory System, Muscles, Gastrointestinal System , Genitalia,

Excretory System And Lungs Become Powerful And Their Work Capacity Increases.

- This Asana May Be A Body Of Confidence, Enthusiasm And Builds Confidence. Memory Of

And Intelligence Develops.

- Sirshasan (Headstand) To The Intellect, Intellect, Intellect And Body Provides Strength, Thereby Celibacy

Helps To Try To To .

- Practice Of This Asana Results In Diabetes, Polyuria, Psyche, Insanity, Hysteria,

Weakness, Venus Stars And Autoimmune Etc. Diseases Get Away .

- Insomnia, Indigestion, Constipation, All Stomach Diseases Are Removed And This Posture Defecation Brings Is. Head Hair From Being White And Falling Prevents And Darkens White Hair, Wrinkles Facial Wrinkles.


- Age Of These Practicing This Asana Increase In And For Extended

Puberty Persists.

- This Posture Increases Eyesight, The Body Becomes Bright And Radiant And Therefore The Mind

He Becomes Calm And Stable. With This Posture Bad Thoughts In Meditation And Meditation

Starts To Urge Absorbed

- Uterus Related Disorders Of Headrest Women Removes Remove Infertility Of Girls This Asana Is Useful In Doing. This Benefits Of Doing Asanas In Hysteria Also Get.


- Taking Care Of Head Masters By Yoga Experts Do It Otherwise It's A Loss Instead Of A Profit Can.

- Practice Sirshasan (Headstand) For The Primary Few Times Do It Because During This Posture The Body The Contaminants Flowed With Blood There Is A Fear Of Reaching The Brain, Thanks To Which It Has A Nasty Effect On The Brain.


- Other Yoga Before Heading Purification Of Blood Within The Body By Practicing

That Doesn't Cause Headaches Fall And Therefore The Body Gets Full Benefits.


- Pregnant And Menstruating Women Asana Shouldn't Be Done. This Posture People With Vital Sign Greater Than 50 And Fewer Than 100 Individuals Shouldn't . Runny Ears And If There's Any Quite Wound, This Posture Do Not.

- Weak-Hearted, Colds And Patients With Leprosy Also Experience This Asana Should Not Do. To Eat More Do Not Do That Asana After And Heavy Stomach.


- Don't Bathe For Hours After Taking Headstand Do And Don't In Outdoors Immediately  After Posture Get Out.



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Vajnasana yoga for mind body

By On June 19, 2020

what is Vajnasana ?

Vajra Means Hard And Second Is That One Among Indra's Weapons The Name Was Vajra. This Makes The Thighs Of The Feet Strong. In Body Increases Blood Circulation. It's Very Beneficial For Digestion Is. After Meals, Sit During This Posture For A Short Time . This It Also Makes The Leg Muscles Strong. Knee Pain Do This Asana Within The Event Of Being.


What is Vajnasana And Benefit & Caution Of Vajnasana

Caution: -

  1. ·          Do Not Do That Asana Just In Case Of Pain Within The Knees.

Benefit :- 

·        1With This Asana, The Body Becomes Strong And Stable. Thanks To This Bone And Shoulders Are Straight.

·         2This Causes Blood Circulation Within The Body And Thus The Vein Blood Within The Blood The Disease Cannot Change.

·        3This Is Often The Sole Seat Which You'll Also Treat Eating Food. Food From

Is Easily Digested.

·        4It Also Strengthens The Leg Muscles Makes.

·         5Keeps The Body Shapely High Vital Sign Is Low.

·         6Is Helpful In Reducing Weight. Indigestion, Gas, Constipation Etc.

·         Removes Disorders.

·         7Menstruation In Women Irregularity Is Eliminated.

·         The Spine Is Robust .

·         8Digestion Increases Strength And Strengthens The Genital System .

·         9This Taking Long And Deep Breaths Within The Posture Slowly Strengthens The Lungs


what is yoga and types and benefits of yoga

By On June 18, 2020
Complete information of yoga

Yoga is delineated within the Vedas, then within the Upanishads so within the Bhagavad-Gitahowever Patanjali and Guru Gorakhnath consistently scripted the scattered information of yoga. Yoga is one among the six philosophies of Hinduism. These six philosophies ar -
1. Nyaya
2. Veshasic
3. Memmons
4. Sankhya
5. Hinduism and
6. Yoga.

Complete information of yoga

1. Raja Yoga: -raj yog

Yama, niyam, asana, pranayam, pratyahara, dharna, meditation and samadhi ar the eight elements of Patanjali's Raja Yoga. they're additionally referred to as ashtanga yoga.

2. Hatha Yoga: -what is yoga

Shatkarma, Asana, Mudra, Pratyahara, Meditation and Samadhi - these ar the seven elements of yogahowever the stress of Hathayogi is additional on Asanas, Bandha, gesture and Pranayam for position and Kundalini waking upthis can be Kriya Yoga.

3. Yoga: -

Yama, niyam, gross verb, delicate action, pratyahara, dharana, meditation and samadhi. The higher than is a component of the eight lya yoga.

4. Knowledge: -

Knowledge of pure soul through witnessing is that the information of yoga. this can be meditation.

5. fate Yoga: -karma yoga

Doing fate is fate yoga. Its purpose is to be economical in actions. this can be Sahaja Yoga.

6. Devotion: -

Devotees Shravan, Kirtan, Smarana, Padasavan, Archana, Vandana, Dasyya, Sankhya and Atmanas type - These 9 organs ar referred to as Navadha devotionin step with devotion Yoga, an individual attains salokya, samipya, sarup and saujya-mukti, that is termed systematic liberation.

Main elements of yoga

Yama, niyam, organ operation, asana, kriya, bandha, mudra, pranayama, pratyahara, dharna, meditation and samadhi.

Also kinds of yoga, barriers to yoga observe, history of yoga, major texts of yoga.

Types of yoga

1. Raja Yoga,
2. Cooperation,
3. Yoga,
4. Gyan Yoga,
5. Exercise and
6. Devotion.

Apart from this, several aspects of yoga ar mentioned in out of doors yoga, nad yoga, mantra yoga, tantra yoga, kundalini yoga, sadhana yoga, kriya yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Mudra Yoga, and Swar Yoga. however all the higher than six ar enclosed.

Five yams

1. Non-violence,
2. Truth,
3. unbeatable,
4. Brahmacharya and
5. Aparigraha.

Five rules

1. Shouch,
2. satisfaction,
4.Family and
5. God Pranadhan.

Organ operation

1. Shavasana, 2. Makarasana, 3. Bandasasana and four. Namaskar gesture is completed by organ operation that is termed delicate exercise.

Under this, exercises of the eyes, elbows, knees, waist, fingers, claws, mouth etc. are done.

Key bond

2. Original,
3.Malband and