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Vajnasana yoga for mind body

what is Vajnasana ?

Vajra Means Hard And Second Is That One Among Indra's Weapons The Name Was Vajra. This Makes The Thighs Of The Feet Strong. In Body Increases Blood Circulation. It's Very Beneficial For Digestion Is. After Meals, Sit During This Posture For A Short Time . This It Also Makes The Leg Muscles Strong. Knee Pain Do This Asana Within The Event Of Being.


What is Vajnasana And Benefit & Caution Of Vajnasana

Caution: -

  1. ·          Do Not Do That Asana Just In Case Of Pain Within The Knees.

Benefit :- 

·        1With This Asana, The Body Becomes Strong And Stable. Thanks To This Bone And Shoulders Are Straight.

·         2This Causes Blood Circulation Within The Body And Thus The Vein Blood Within The Blood The Disease Cannot Change.

·        3This Is Often The Sole Seat Which You'll Also Treat Eating Food. Food From

Is Easily Digested.

·        4It Also Strengthens The Leg Muscles Makes.

·         5Keeps The Body Shapely High Vital Sign Is Low.

·         6Is Helpful In Reducing Weight. Indigestion, Gas, Constipation Etc.

·         Removes Disorders.

·         7Menstruation In Women Irregularity Is Eliminated.

·         The Spine Is Robust .

·         8Digestion Increases Strength And Strengthens The Genital System .

·         9This Taking Long And Deep Breaths Within The Posture Slowly Strengthens The Lungs


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