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pawanmuktasana method benefits and Caution

Pawan Muktasan

In Sanskrit "Pawan" means wind and "mukta" Means to release. Pawanmuktasan whole body
Balances the air in 

Method pawanmuktasan :-

pawanmuktasana method benefits and Caution
- Lie on your back. Knee slowly Pick it up together with your chest. Your heels
Put on the knee and hold the knees with the hands Take it.

- Keep breathing normally.

- Close your eyes or your knees Gaze beyond and back Leave the muscles relaxed.

- As long because it feels good Hold the pose. To come to normalcy 

-At the time of release, inhale and both feet Make it straight. Before the exercise must rest.

Benifit of pawanmuktasan

- This posture of the lower back Loosens muscles and body Gives comfort.

- This posture controls the air within the body is.

- It relieves constipation and indigestion.

- It reduces obesity and excessive abdominal fat Does.

- Keep it faraway from lung and heart diseases

- of individuals affected by acidity and gas formation For it's a corrective effect during a moment Hey

- This impotence, sterility and menstruation Useful within the treatment of problems.

Caution of pawanmuktasan :-

- Pregnant women shouldn't do that asana needed.

- Slip disc patient should avoid this asana needed.

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