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what is yoga and types and benefits of yoga

Complete information of yoga

Yoga is delineated within the Vedas, then within the Upanishads so within the Bhagavad-Gitahowever Patanjali and Guru Gorakhnath consistently scripted the scattered information of yoga. Yoga is one among the six philosophies of Hinduism. These six philosophies ar -
1. Nyaya
2. Veshasic
3. Memmons
4. Sankhya
5. Hinduism and
6. Yoga.

Complete information of yoga

1. Raja Yoga: -raj yog

Yama, niyam, asana, pranayam, pratyahara, dharna, meditation and samadhi ar the eight elements of Patanjali's Raja Yoga. they're additionally referred to as ashtanga yoga.

2. Hatha Yoga: -what is yoga

Shatkarma, Asana, Mudra, Pratyahara, Meditation and Samadhi - these ar the seven elements of yogahowever the stress of Hathayogi is additional on Asanas, Bandha, gesture and Pranayam for position and Kundalini waking upthis can be Kriya Yoga.

3. Yoga: -

Yama, niyam, gross verb, delicate action, pratyahara, dharana, meditation and samadhi. The higher than is a component of the eight lya yoga.

4. Knowledge: -

Knowledge of pure soul through witnessing is that the information of yoga. this can be meditation.

5. fate Yoga: -karma yoga

Doing fate is fate yoga. Its purpose is to be economical in actions. this can be Sahaja Yoga.

6. Devotion: -

Devotees Shravan, Kirtan, Smarana, Padasavan, Archana, Vandana, Dasyya, Sankhya and Atmanas type - These 9 organs ar referred to as Navadha devotionin step with devotion Yoga, an individual attains salokya, samipya, sarup and saujya-mukti, that is termed systematic liberation.

Main elements of yoga

Yama, niyam, organ operation, asana, kriya, bandha, mudra, pranayama, pratyahara, dharna, meditation and samadhi.

Also kinds of yoga, barriers to yoga observe, history of yoga, major texts of yoga.

Types of yoga

1. Raja Yoga,
2. Cooperation,
3. Yoga,
4. Gyan Yoga,
5. Exercise and
6. Devotion.

Apart from this, several aspects of yoga ar mentioned in out of doors yoga, nad yoga, mantra yoga, tantra yoga, kundalini yoga, sadhana yoga, kriya yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Mudra Yoga, and Swar Yoga. however all the higher than six ar enclosed.

Five yams

1. Non-violence,
2. Truth,
3. unbeatable,
4. Brahmacharya and
5. Aparigraha.

Five rules

1. Shouch,
2. satisfaction,
4.Family and
5. God Pranadhan.

Organ operation

1. Shavasana, 2. Makarasana, 3. Bandasasana and four. Namaskar gesture is completed by organ operation that is termed delicate exercise.

Under this, exercises of the eyes, elbows, knees, waist, fingers, claws, mouth etc. are done.

Key bond

2. Original,
3.Malband and

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