In this posture, the body comes as swastika and hence it is called 'swastikaasan'.


People suffering from sciatica and spinal disorders should not do this asana.


Swastikasana | Yoga asanas, Improve concentration, Asana

1. Sit on the ground and spread your legs towards the front.

2. Then bend the left knee and place the sole of the left foot near the inner part of the right thigh so that the eddy does not touch the suture.

3. Now bend the right knee and place the right leg above the left leg in such a way that the right paw touches the left thigh.

4. The toes of both feet will be buried between the thigh and the calf.

5. Do not touch the pelvis region.

6. Knees stay in contact with the ground.

7. Keep the spine straight and hands in knees in the posture of wisdom.


1. The mind is calm and stable, the spinal cord is strong and the diseases go away.

2. Blood is purified, heart gets more blood.

3. Those who have pain in the feet, the soles of the feet are very cold on cold days, and during summer, there is a lot of sweating or the feet smell of sweat, they should practice it for 20 minutes daily. |

4. Many benefits from Siddhasana are also obtained from this asana.