What are the benefits of Halasana?

This body has been given this name because of the shape of the body while performing the halasan, similar to 'plow', a tool used by the farmers to till the land. In English, this asana is called 'Plow Pose'. A perfect posture to reduce weight and make the spine strong, flexible.

    Halasana Plow Pose


People suffering from below diseases should not do this asana:

1. hypertension

2. Dizziness

3. Back pain

4. neck pain

5. Tuberculosis in bone

6. heart disease

7. Pregnancy


1. Place a carpet or mat in a clean and flat place.

2. Lie back on the ground like the beginning of Sarvangasana.

3. Both feet have to be combined with each other.

4. Keep the palms close to the ground near the waist.

5. Place the mouth towards the sky and close the eyes.

6. Keep the body loose.

7. Now inhale and start lifting the legs by shrinking the stomach.

8. Exhale as both legs form a 90 degree angle from the body.

9. After coming to the position of Sarvangasan, try to keep both feet behind the head.

10. Use the hands to tilt back the waist and back. Keeping the hands directly from the elbow, place it behind the back and keep it from the ground.

11. After stopping in this position according to your ability, slowly start to back and feet off the ground.

12. Do not bend the knees in the entire posture.



1. Forces digestive system and reproductive system.

2. Reduces excess fat on the stomach. Are helpful in reducing weight.

3. Beneficial for diabetic patients.

4. The muscles of the neck, shoulders, abdomen, back and waist become strong.

5. The spine is strong and flexible.

6. This asana provides benefits in menopause, insomnia, infertile, headache and thyroid disorder.