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Before starting learning asanas, it is necessary to pay attention to some necessary precautions. Asanas can be effective and beneficial only if done properly.

1. Yogasan should be done only after retiring from defecation and bathing and take bath after one hour.

2. Yogasan should be done by laying postures on flat land and wearing loose clothes according to the season.

3. Yogasan should be done in an open and ventilated room, so that with breathing you can freely take pure air. You can also practice outside, but the surroundings are pure and the weather is pleasant.

4. Do not exert unnecessary force while doing the posture. Although initially you will find your muscles stiff, but with a few weeks of regular exercise, the body becomes flexible. Do rugs easily, not with difficulty. Do not commit too much with them.

5. Do not do asanas during menstruation, pregnancy, fever, serious diseases etc.

6. Yoga practitioner should eat a proper diet i.e. food as natural and as easy to digest. All asanas except Vajrasana do empty stomach.

7. Rest at the beginning and end of the posture. Do the asana methodically. Perform each asana from both sides and do its supplementary practice.

8. If there is extreme pain in any part of the body while performing the asana, do asana only after consulting a yoga practitioner.

9. If the air, excessive heat or blood is very impure in the vatas, the head postures should not be done. Caution is very important in order that toxic substances cannot reach the brain and damage it.

10. Before starting yoga, it is necessary to conduct limbs. This ends the stiffness of the organs and prepares the body for rugs. How to operate